Top 10 social bookmarking sites

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

Social booking marking is one of the important off-page SEO activities. They help you create brand awareness and get relevant traffic to your site. What sites are good for social booking? If you are about to start your search engine optimization work, it’s important you know this list of top 10 bookmarking sites. Give attention to the analytics including Ranks, Global Unique Visitors, Global Pageviews, and Audience Geography provided therein to refine your SEO strategy.

1. Reddit

Alexa Rank (Global):17

Active Monthly Users: 330 million (as of 2018)

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 3.0 k

Traffic Sources

Search: 43% Social:1% Referral: 3% Direct: 54%

Total Sites Linking In: 169,980

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

United States 40.9%
United Kingdom 10.2%
Canada 5.2%
Germany 4.6%
India 4.4%
Australia 3.0%
Netherlands 2.0%
Sweden 1.9%
Japan 1.9%
Norway 1.7%

If you are target audiences are in the North America and Europe, you can’t afford to skip Reddit as a social bookmarking site. Reddit is a self-styled ‘front page of the internet’. Users submit links to stories, images, or videos that they find interesting, and other Reddit users can either upvote or downvote these submissions. The social bookmarking site is also accessible through Android and iOS apps.


2. Pinterest

Alexa Rank (Global): 158

Active Monthly Users: Over 400 Million (As of August 2020)

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 5k

Traffic Sources

Search:36% Social:2% Referral: 16% Direct: 45%

Total Sites Linking In: 734, 224

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

United States 34.4 %
India 19.3%
Japan 4.6%
Pakistan 2.9%
Turkey 2.9%
South Korea 2.6%
Egypt 2.0%
Iran 1.9%
Taiwan 1.3%
Vietnam 1.3%

Pinterest is an American image sharing and social media service. The bookmarking site enables the saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images, animated GIFs, and videos. The impressive engagement metrics of the site including daily page views per visitor: 5.85; daily time spent per user: 5.55 minutes; and bounce rate: 34.1%) make it the #1 bookmarking site for SEO. The service is currently accessible through a web browser, and apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 PCs.


3. Pocket (Read It Later)

Alexa Rank (Global):883

Active Monthly Users: 30 million

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 125 k

Traffic Sources

Search:5% Social:0% Referral: 31% Direct: 64%

Total Sites Linking In: 27,991

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

India 27.5 %
United States 21.5%
Japan 9.1%
Germany 5.4%
Pakistan 4.1%
Angola 3.6%
Canada 3.0%
Poland 1.5%
France 1.3%
Greece 1.3%

Also generalized as a save-for-later service, Pocket currently allows users to save articles, videos, and stories from more than 1500 apps including Flipboard, Twitter, and Zite. They can curate personal space filled with everything they love. Pocket makes money through its advertisements, but if you want to have an add-free service, go with Pocket Premium. Monthly and Annual Membership is available. It is available for major devices and platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire, Kobo, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Windows.


4. We Heart It

Alexa Rank (Global):2,880

Active Monthly Users: No Data Available

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 255

Traffic Sources

Search: 18% Social:5% Referral: 15% Direct: 62%

Total Sites Linking In: 11, 607

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

India 50.3%
United States 10.1%
Pakistan 6.4%
Egypt 2.3%
South Korea 2.3%
Japan 1.9%
Turkey 1.8%
Azerbaijan 1.6%
Algeria 1.5%
Russia 1.2%

If you are creative or ready to invest in creative designing, We Hear It can be a big boon to your SEO marketing. The site entertains mostly visual-media content including images, GIFs, and videos – and also acts as a social network too. However, it has started accepting article posts like Medium. We Heart It positions itself as a place to find inspiration.


5. Digg

Alexa Rank (Global):3,581

Active Monthly Users: Data Not Available

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 1.66 k (Increasing Trend)

Traffic Sources

Search:36% Social:2% Referral: 16% Direct: 45%

Total Sites Linking In: 142,928

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

United States 39.8 %
India 26.6%
South Korea 4.7%
Japan 4.5%
Canada 2.8%
Pakistan 2.4%
Mexico 2.2%
Australia 1.7%
Sweden 1.2%
Egypt 1.1%

Digg does curation: building products that make life smoother, simpler, and smarter. This is how the brand defines itself. Investing in smart technologies, and employing an efficient editorial team, Digg cuts through the clutter of the Internet. The combination keeps a close watch on what people are discussing on the Web and presents users with content they would love to read and share.


6. Flipboard

Alexa Rank (Global): 7,921

Active Monthly Users: Over 145 Million (2018)

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 1.5 k

Traffic Sources

Search: 7% Social:1% Referral: 40% Direct: 53%

Total Sites Linking In: 1,344

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

India 45.2%
United States 19.8%
Pakistan 7.2%
Canada 2.4%
Turkey 2.0%
Singapore 1.8%
Nigeria 1.7%
Egypt 1.6%
Mexico 1.3%
Australia 1.1%

The site aggregates content from social media, news feeds, photo sharing sites, and other websites presents it in magazine format. Users love its “flip” characteristic, which is also the basis of it getting the name “Flipboard”.

Users can “flip” through the articles, images, and videos being shared. The site has some impressive engagement metrics (June-September, 2020) as follows: page views: 2.83, time spent: 2.59 minutes, and has a bounce rate of 42.70. In addition, the social booking Internet service is accessible through a Flipboard application for Microsoft Windows and macOS, and via mobile apps for iOS and Android.


7. Scoop.it

Alexa Rank (Global):9,550

Active Monthly Users: Data Not Available

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 833

Traffic Sources

Search: 15% Social:2% Referral: 5% Direct: 77%

Total Sites Linking In: 21,522

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

India 69.1%
Pakistan 7.3%
United States 6.2%
Turkey 2.3%
Vietnam 1.6%
United Arab Emirates 1.0%
Bangladesh 0.9%
Egypt 0.9%
Indonesia 0.6%
Philippines 0.6%

Scoop.it boasts to have 8+ million curators, business intelligence professionals & marketers on its network. It offers free as well as paid options depending upon the number of posts and users, and availability of templates, analytics and support, and other features. Site Metrics are great.  On an average Scoop.it users spend 3.28 minutes on the site, and view 3.4 pages. The bounce rate is substantially low at 26.8 percent.


8. Mix.com (Earlier StumbleUpon)

Alexa Rank (Global): 10,451

Active Monthly Users: Data Not Available

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 374

Traffic Sources

Search: 11% Social:1% Referral: 28% Direct: 60%

Total Sites Linking In: 396

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

India 58.1%
United States 11.2%
Pakistan 9.0%
Egypt 2.0%
Turkey 1.8%
Bangladesh 1.8%
Vietnam 1.7%
Nigeria 1.6%
Canada 1.3%
Indonesia 1.1%

An average user spends around 2.28 seconds on this bookmarking site, and views 3.09 pages. It has a low bounce rate of 31.9%, which means the site is more engaging than Flipboard. It’s a reinvention of the erstwhile popular booking marking site StumbleUpon. Its browser extension is available from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Edge, and the service is also accessible through Android and iOS app.


9. Folkd.com

Alexa Rank (Global): 26,485

Active Monthly Users: Data Not Available

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 2.89k

Traffic Sources

Search: 5% Social:0% Referral: 1% Direct: 94%

Total Sites Linking In: 22,440

Audience by Geography: Top 8 Countries

India 75.7%
Pakistan 9.7%
United States 3.5%
Vietnam 1.7%
Turkey 1.4%
Bangladesh 1.0%
Egypt 1.0%
Indonesia 0.7%

Folkd.com has a Twitter like UI. It allows users to save favorite links and bookmarks online and access them from anywhere at any time. Users can vote up the best links on the web with just one click, search the most popular links, discover cool sites liked by their friends, and recommend the best sites to them via email, Facebook or Twitter. It offers a reputation-rank to the users based on their popularity. Users can search and organize their collection by tags. They can also keep it confidential and maintain their privacy with ease.


10. Slashdot

Alexa Rank (Global):13, 285

Active Monthly Users: Data Not Available

Global Unique Visitors/Month: 3.45 k

Traffic Sources

Search: 4% Social:1% Referral: 10% Direct: 85%

Total Sites Linking In: 16, 617

Audience by Geography: Top 10 Countries

India 52.0%
United States 23.3%
Pakistan 4.6%
Venezuela 2.5%
United Arab Emirates 1.7%
Canada 1.3%
Bangladesh 1.1%
Egypt 1.0%
Vietnam 0.9%
Turkey 0.8%

If you are working on an SEO project for IT industry, Slashdot is for you. It aggregates content on a wide range of IT topics including devices, build, technology, opensource, science, security, management, book reviews, and more.  The engagement metrics include daily page views per visitor: 2.6; daily time on site: 3.10 minutes; bounce rate: 35.3%. Alexa analytics reveal, it’s visitors also engage with other social booking marking sites including Scoop.it, diigo.com, reddit.com, plurk.com, etc.


Note: The Visual Data statistics according to the research and published date, maybe you can see different or change in the current date.