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What are the Silver, Gold, Diamond, Custom, and Red Diamond Play Buttons on YouTube?

What are Silver, Gold, and Diamond Play Buttons on YouTube?

Who doesn’t enjoy being appreciated for their work? Are you an aspiring YouTube performer with a million subscribers? YouTube recognizes this continuous work by giving out YouTube creator awards. It serves as a means of praising a creator’s remarkable work in their videos.

The creator must be exceptional and meet the eligibility requirements, which rely on a number of variables, in order to be eligible for the Creator Awards. It also mandates that specific rules be followed. You must reach a threshold for subscribers, and your channel must be sufficiently active.

These awards now include a specific set of buttons or the YouTube play button. Let’s examine this in greater detail.

Understanding YouTube Play Buttons

There are four different sorts of YouTube play buttons, and the requirements for each one vary greatly. You can order a YouTube play button when you feel you have achieved a certain milestone. You must adhere to a specific set of rules in order to attain this significant accomplishment. These recommendations include:

1. You may access your channel.

2. Your adherence to YouTube’s terms of service is flawless.

3. Either your channel has not been terminated, or it is connected to an account that has.

4. Your content is devoid of spam, fraud, and dishonesty.

5. Your participation in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) has been continued.

Types of YouTube Play Buttons

1. Silver Play Button

Image Source: WikiPeida

You become eligible for the YouTube creators’ awards for the silver play button when you reach the 1,00,000-subscriber mark. Free of charge. You just need to pay your taxes, that’s all. All you need to follow is active content—none of the rules apply to the community, and you must follow them. Therefore, you become eligible for the play button recognition after you reach a particular milestone.

2. Gold Play Button

Image Source: WikiPeida

When you reach one million subscribers, the Gold Play Button becomes available. All you have to do is maintain highly original content. This is how you can take advantage of having your YouTube channel acknowledged. However, if you don’t follow the regulations, disciplinary measures may be implemented.

3. Diamond Play Button

You need to be ready for the Diamond Play Button whenever you reach a specific set of milestones. Your subscription must now surpass the milestone of around 10 million subscribers. The interesting thing about this is that it’s a solid piece of machined aluminum, not a diamond button. It is a substantial work of art.

Image Source: WikiPeida

4. Custom Play Button

You must reach the new milestone of 50 million members in order to receive the Custom Creator Award.

Image Source: WikiPeida

5. Red Diamond Play Button

To be eligible for the Red Diamond Creator Award, your community must reach the brand-new milestone of 100 million members.

Image Source: WikiPeida

The following is how to get the YouTube Play Button:

1. When you reach the subscriber milestone, continue to monitor your emails.

2. Track down the email that purports to give a prize and copy the redemption code.

3. Type the channel name after entering the redemption code.

4. Include the purchasing details and then click “Order Now.”

Final Words

Getting recognition from reputed platforms when your content is exceptionally good is always a good idea. So, if you exhibit great performance and are recognized for it, take advantage of the opportunity to collect your award.

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