google manual action

What is Google Manual Action and How to fix it?

A manual action is a penalty imposed on a website by Google’s search quality team for violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. Unlike algorithmic penalties, which are automatically applied by Google’s search algorithm, manual actions are applied by Google’s team of human reviewers.

Manual actions can have a significant impact on a website’s search visibility and can result in a loss of traffic and rankings. When a website is hit with a manual action, Google will send a notification to the website owner through Google Search Console, which provides information about the specific issue that led to the manual action.

Some common reasons for manual actions include:-

  1. Thin or low-quality content
  2. Spammy or manipulative links
  3. User-generated spam or hacked content
  4. Cloaking or sneaky redirects
  5. Unnatural or deceptive website behavior

To resolve a manual action, website owners must first identify and fix the issues that led to the penalty. This typically involves making changes to the website’s content, structure, and behavior to ensure that it complies with Google’s webmaster guidelines. Once the issues have been fixed, website owners can submit a reconsideration request through Google Search Console, which asks Google to review the website and lift the manual action if the issues have been resolved.

In summary, a manual action is a penalty imposed by Google for violating its webmaster guidelines. Website owners can resolve a manual action by identifying and fixing the issues that led to the penalty and submitting a reconsideration request to Google.

How to Fix Google Manual Action?

A manual action in Google Search Console is a notification that Google has detected a problem with your website that violates its guidelines. There are several types of manual actions, including spammy content, unnatural links, and thin content.

To fix a manual action, you will need to identify the issue and take steps to resolve it. Here are some general steps you can take:-

1. Identify the issue: Log in to Google Search Console and check the Manual Actions report to see which type of manual action you have received. Read the description of the issue to understand what needs to be fixed.

2. Fix the problem: Depending on the type of manual action, you may need to do some of the following:
• Remove spammy content or links from your site
• Add more high-quality content to your pages
• Improve the user experience of your site
• Fix technical issues like broken links or redirects

3. Request a review: Once you have fixed the issue, you can request a review from Google by clicking on the “Request Review” button in the Manual Actions report. Explain the steps you have taken to fix the problem, and provide any relevant documentation.

4.Wait for the review: Google will review your site and let you know if the manual action has been lifted or if more work is needed.
It’s important to note that fixing a manual action is not always a quick process. It can take several weeks or even months to resolve the issue and get your site back in good standing with Google. However, by following these steps and working to improve your site, you can increase your chances of success.